Umeed Funding

Umeed Foundation has been successfully financing the below key items to ensure running and growth of the academy since the last 10+ years. Teachers Salaries Building Rental Stationary Supplies (Books & Copies) Uniforms Furniture, other Infrastructure A/V setup & Library Recreational and Educations Trips Annual and Sports Day

Umeed Initiative and Growth

Since March 2012 , it has been over 10 years that Umeed Foundation (Regd.) has ensured continued viability of this project by contributing almost 100% towards monthly school expenses . Monthly expenditures have increased from 70K PKR to about 450K PKR per month , three new classes have been added and current class sizes have been increased since 2012 and …

Sponsored by Umeed Foundation (Regd.)

After getting sponsorship from Umeed Fundation (Regd.), Al Moiz Academy expands its size in terms of number of students and classes. Today Al Moiz Academy is providing free education including books, stationary, uniform, educational tours food supplements to its students. As of today, Al Moiz Academy has around 350 students from Grade 1-8 and academy has a staff of about …

Al Moiz Academy

In 2012, Umeed Foundation (Regd.) joined hands with Al-Moiz Academy. Al-Moiz Academy was a Primary Level Charity School at that time providing free education to needy children. Al-Moiz Academy was started by Mrs. Shua Moin in 2002 in One Room with 10 Students in the slum area of Rawalpindi so that students can aces this facility easily from their homes.